Why Choose Glenwood Behavioral Health

The decision to receive treatment for a mental health concern or dual diagnosis is a major step. It’s important to choose a facility that focuses on personalized care and treats the whole person rather than just their symptoms.

At Glenwood Behavioral Health Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, we always put our patients first. By using evidence-based practices and techniques in a holistic manner, we give our patients the greatest chance at experiencing the best possible outcomes.

24/7 Admissions Screenings

When you decide that you’re ready to receive acute psychiatric treatment, the last thing you want to do is waste time. At Glenwood Behavioral Health Hospital, we are here to conduct admissions screenings and evaluations 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

This assessment allows our clinical staff to identify your personal needs and any prior history of treatment so that we can put together a recommendation for an appropriate level of care. If we decide that you would be best served elsewhere, we’ll make a referral to another treatment provider in the community.

Family-Focused Treatment

Depending on their unique needs, patients participate in individual, group, and family therapies during their time at Glenwood Behavioral Health Hospital. But our focus on involving family goes deeper than these valuable therapeutic sessions.

When clinically appropriate and with the patient’s approval, we encourage the involvement of family members and loved ones to promote support for recovery.

This process starts upon admission, when we provide family or significant others with program-specific information. Our nursing staff maintains ongoing contact with family throughout the course of treatment with each patient’s consent, and family therapy sessions help mend any potential rifts caused by mental illness or a dual diagnosis. Family involvement continues at discharge, when we alert loved ones to aftercare plans at the patient’s discretion.

Comprehensive Aftercare Planning

While it represents a significant step, a patient’s time in treatment at Glenwood Behavioral Health Hospital will be relatively short. Our goal is to help you learn the strategies and techniques to thrive long after you leave our care.

A key step of that is setting up a thorough posttreatment strategy. Each patient’s discharge plan begins upon admission and will be reviewed and, if necessary, updated at regular intervals throughout their stay. Our staff of professionals will discuss discharge date and posttreatment goals as a patient moves toward the individual goals established in their treatment plan.

Whether you’re headed for step-down programming, a transition of care, or back to your daily living environment, we’ll ensure a smooth and coordinated approach that includes ongoing communication and any appropriate consultations and referrals.

I am so happy to have joined a facility which is committed to providing individualized, personalized treatment for each client who entrusts Glenwood with their care.

– Glenwood team member