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Dr. Colleen Thomas-Philip

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Colleen Thomas-Philip is a distinguished clinician with an extensive background spanning nearly two decades in the healthcare sector. Throughout her career, Dr. Colleen has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence, both in administrative and clinical roles, by delivering exceptional trauma-informed care and recovery-oriented services. Her professional journey has taken her through inpatient hospitals, long-term structured residential programs, and outpatient services, where she has garnered a reputation as an influential catalyst for positive change.

Her expertise extends beyond clinical practice to encompass program development, strategic planning, and staff development. Dr. Colleen is renowned for her unwavering dedication to serving underserved communities. Her passion lies in advocating for the widespread adoption of trauma-informed care, recovery-oriented care, and family psychoeducation as the standard of practice in behavioral and mental healthcare settings for individuals diagnosed with chronic mental illnesses.

For the past 17 years, Dr. Colleen has made a significant impact in the Philadelphia area. Her leadership has been instrumental in overseeing a diverse range of Outpatient Programs, including specialized services for the Latino community, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and Enhanced Services featuring Medication Assisted Treatment. These programs also incorporated evidence-based therapies such as TFCBT, CBT, EMDR, and DBT. Dr. Colleen’s legacy extends further with twelve of those years spent at a large Philadelphia medical hospital, where she contributed to the excellence of inpatient psychiatric units and long-term structured residential programs.

Dr. Colleen has recently embraced a new chapter in Ohio, assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer for a prominent freestanding behavioral health hospital near the Greater Cleveland area. Her educational journey reflects her commitment to excellence, holding degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, Counseling Psychology, and Therapeutic Recreation. Her dedication to the field is further underscored by her memberships in esteemed professional organizations such as the American College of Healthcare Executives, the American Psychological Association, and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Notably, Dr. Colleen’s association with Acadia is not new. She previously served as the Director of Clinical and Education Services, and later as the Director of Clinical Services at Belmont Behavioral Hospital in Philadelphia. Her leadership played a pivotal role in steering Belmont through its transformation into a 252-bed hospital. Dr. Colleen’s excitement is palpable as she embarks on her role as Chief Executive Officer at Glenwood Behavioral Hospital, where she continues her mission to drive positive change and uphold the highest standards of care.

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