Cincinnati’s Leading Adolescent Outpatient Program

At Glenwood Behavioral Health Hospital, we’re dedicated to providing our communities with safe, quality care that can help people succeed. We’re pleased to offer an adolescent intensive outpatient program (IOP) for young people ages 13-17 who have a variety of mental health concerns. 

In our intensive outpatient program for adolescents, we provide structured therapies with a focus on group sessions. Our well-rounded programming provides young people with the chance to learn skills and gain confidence that can help them rise above challenges and find healing. 

Learn About Our Adolescent IOP in Cincinnati, Ohio

The adolescent IOP at Glenwood is a structured outpatient program that provides treatment three days a week during after-school hours. We know that every young person who enters our IOP has unique needs when it comes to accessing care. So we provide the option to receive IOP services in person or in a telehealth format, depending on the patient’s location and transportation situation. Our IOP takes place Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-7 p.m. 

The length of time each adolescent participates in our intensive outpatient program varies based on individual needs and circumstances. But the typical length of stay is about four to six weeks. During a young person’s time in our adolescent IOP, they can participate in therapeutic activities and receive specialized services that are designed to meet their unique needs. 

The focus of our programming is group therapy, and we offer IOP group sessions three times a week for adolescents. Some group sessions may be educational in nature, while others may focus more on promoting support, encouragement, and feedback among group members. Each adolescent in our intensive outpatient program follows an individualized care plan that includes the services and therapies that can best meet their needs. We provide everyone with a thorough assessment prior to entering our program, which helps our staff formulate a personalized plan for each adolescent’s care. 

Glenwood Behavioral Health Hospital is conveniently located in the Mount Airy neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our facility is a comfortable and safe space where adolescents in our IOP can receive compassionate support as they work toward healing. Our virtual and in-person intensive outpatient programming provides expert care for youths who are battling various mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, self-harm, and suicidal ideation without intent. 

Our adolescent intensive outpatient program serves those who can benefit from focused services but do not require a higher level of care, such as inpatient or residential treatment. We welcome adolescents who are starting treatment for the first time along with those who are transitioning from another program or service. If clinically appropriate, adolescents may step down to our IOP after completing care in our inpatient program. 

Benefits of Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programming

A significant proportion of adolescents struggle with mental health concerns and need professional help to function better and excel in different areas of their lives. When adolescents don’t receive the behavioral healthcare services they need, they can suffer from setbacks and challenges in a variety of areas. For example, their physical health may suffer, they may struggle to perform in school, and they may experience worsening emotional distress.  

If your child is suffering from a mental health concern, finding the right level of care can make a lasting positive difference. Glenwood provides expert behavioral health support in a collaborative and empowering therapeutic environment. We aim to help adolescents learn how to navigate current challenges so that they can achieve healthier and brighter futures. 

An adolescent IOP provides a more frequent and intensive schedule of therapy and support than a traditional outpatient setting. It can be ideal for young people who need the help of a dedicated care team to work toward their goals. In an intensive outpatient program, your child can receive focused care while continuing to live at home and follow their daily routines. This flexible approach can help them remain connected with friends and loved ones, potentially helping them feel less isolated as they go through their program. Also, as they learn new skills and develop healthy ways of overcoming challenges, they can put these strategies into practice in their regular environment. 

Additionally, participating in adolescent intensive outpatient programming can deliver benefits like the following: 

  • Enhanced relationship and communication skills 
  • Better strategies for managing stress and difficult emotions 
  • A stronger and healthier sense of self 
  • Support from a therapeutic community 

If you are searching for an adolescent intensive outpatient program near Cincinnati, we invite you to contact us today. Our staff can answer your questions and help determine if our services are a fit. 

Our Age-Appropriate IOP Services

Our adolescent IOP provides a level of comprehensive care that can help young people achieve success as well as feel supported and cared for. Depending on their needs, an adolescent’s IOP care plan can include individual and family therapies in addition to structured group therapy. We tailor care to meet adolescents where they are in their healing journeys, understanding that each person has unique developmental and emotional needs. 

In our adolescent IOP, your child may receive medication management services if their care team determines that this is appropriate. The staff members who monitor and administer adolescents’ medications include our board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist and our psychiatric nurse practitioner. Additionally, adolescents who are receiving medication management services meet with a psychiatrist on an as-needed basis.  

Our premier adolescent IOP uses evidence-based therapy to support its group therapy programming. Our group therapy sessions draw on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an approach that can help adolescents gain an understanding of how their thoughts and feelings can affect their behavior. By participating in CBT in a group therapy setting, your child can develop new ways of responding to difficult situations, which can improve their well-being and quality of life.  

Our adolescent IOP includes both process groups and psychoeducational groups to help adolescents reach their therapeutic goals. Group therapy topics can vary depending on the participants but may include coping skills, self-esteem, and healthy boundaries. The professionals who lead group sessions in our adolescent IOP include licensed therapists and counselors. Group sessions take place three days a week. 

What Makes Our Adolescent IOP Different?

The care teams at Glenwood use a collaborative approach to providing clinically excellent programming for patients. At Glenwood, our treatment philosophy emphasizes the following: 

  • Personalized care for every patient 
  • Ethical conduct and strict adherence to patient rights 
  • Involvement of loved ones when appropriate to support the healing process  
  • Growth, learning, and innovation among staff members 
  • Effective communication to facilitate excellent care 

Our adolescent IOP staff is made up of caring and qualified professionals who work together to help young people achieve better health and wellness. Guided by Glenwood’s collaborative approach to care, these individuals provide focused support during each phase of an adolescent’s IOP journey. Our staff identifies the right services and therapies for each young person, delivers high-quality care, and helps each person make a smooth transition out of our IOP when they finish the program.  

The staff members in our adolescent IOP are committed to supporting adolescents and their families to help ensure the best clinical outcomes. As part of this effort, they offer a hybrid model of care for youths in our IOP. To learn more about our in-person and virtual IOP options and how they can support your child’s needs, we encourage you to contact us today.  

Additionally, we want families to be aware of our streamlined admissions process. If you are interested in our IOP services, you may contact us anytime, 24/7, to schedule a free assessment. We provide admissions assessments 24 hours a day, seven days a week with one of our qualified intake coordinators. The assessment process is designed to provide our team with detailed information about the adolescent’s unique needs for care and help us recommend the right level of services. 

Continued Care After Our Adolescent IOP

Healing is a process, so we equip each adolescent in our IOP with a thorough aftercare plan to help them continue building on the progress they’ve made. At Glenwood, aftercare planning is a key part of the therapeutic process that begins at admission and continues throughout someone’s time at our facility. 

A young person’s aftercare plan may include referrals, appointments for community services, and other resources that fit their unique needs. Aftercare arrangements also make note of important clinical information, such as details about the care provided and the person’s progress toward their goals.  

In our Cincinnati adolescent IOP, we typically enlist the help of a multidisciplinary team, along with the adolescent and their family, to determine the best next steps after our IOP. Depending on the young person’s needs and progress, we may recommend services like: 

  • Outpatient therapy 
  • Community programs and support groups 
  • Medical follow-up 
  • Dedicated aftercare programs 

At Glenwood Behavioral Health Hospital, we want each young person to leave our adolescent IOP with the practical and therapeutic support they need to thrive on their healing journey. If you choose our IOP services for your loved one, our professionals will strive to provide a foundation for their ongoing success. 

This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Glenwood Behavioral Health Hospital. 

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